Jodi Magi made the mistake of speaking out in a country where "writing bad words" is a crime.

Jodi Magi, punished for being self-righteous on social media. Our ultimate nightmare.
(via Facebook)

It always sucks to see someone who isn't handicapped park in the handicap spot. Here in America, we take it for granted that we can call them out on it. In other countries, that right to free speech isn't protected. It may (not) shock you to learn that one of those countries is the United Arab Emirates.

Australian Jodi Magi has lived in Abu Dhabi since 2012, teaching graphic design to Emirati women. The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi has a large population of expatriates who aren't always aware of the strict moralistic laws they're living under. So when Magi saw a car without disability stickers parked across two handicap spots in her apartment block, she didn't think twice about posting an indignant picture of it to Facebook.

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