There's something so fun about being scared—it gives you a hit of adrenaline few other things do. That's one of the reasons some people love horror movies and Halloween so much. Not all people feel this way, of course, but the only way to know for sure is to pull a scary prank on them and see how they react—if they end up laughing or almost die from fright. Just make sure to only prank people you don't really care about staying friends with, though. Here are 10 of the scariest pranks people either pulled or had pulled on them, taken from the pages of Reddit. Also, it turns out some parents just cannot help themselves around gullible children.


1. And yet wishyfishy's still said yes.

A friend of mine had a prank played on her. This was back in high school. A friend of hers asked to meet her out in the parking lot after school. When she gets there, he's no where to be found and the parking lot is pretty deserted since it's a Friday and after everyone has left and all. She waits a while, and then she suddenly gets a bag thrown over her head and carried off into the back of a van. Thinking she was kidnapped, of course she's scared shitless and starts screaming and crying. Eventually, still with the bag over her head, she's brought out of the car into the middle of a field somewhere. At this point she thinks she's about to be killed or something, so she's crying hysterically. Then someone takes the bag off her head, and she sees a guy friend of hers that she's known a while. He then tells her it's a joke and asks her out to prom. She said yes.

tl;dr My friend thought she was being kidnapped and was crying hysterically; turns out some guy just thought it was a "funny" way to ask her out to prom.


2. ​Derpina101's mom has a sick sense of humor, God love her.

I was 4 years old, playing legos in my basement with my older brother and sister. My mom was in the laundry room right next to us doing laundry. All of a sudden the washing machine begins to tumble around (because the old ones do that when too many clothes are pushed to one side). My mom RUNS out of the laundry room and screams, "IT'S GONNA BLOOOOOOOOW!!!" and runs up the stairs. I panic. My brother and sister, being older and larger than me push me out of the way and run up in front of me, closing the basement door behind them and locking me inside. I sat there for two of the longest minutes of my young life believing I was going to get blown to pieces while they all laughed at me behind the door.

TL;DR: Fucking parents....


3. Large_Pimpin might want to look into getting some new friends.

We were on the way home from Yorkshire to Liverpool, it's about a 1 and a half hour drive so I started nodding off, I was in the passenger seat, the time was 1 AM.

Suddenly all my friends start screaming at the top of their lungs, waking me obviously. Now this alone fucking terrified me but it was accompanied by the car skidding wildly from side to side.

The driver straightened out the car and they all started pissing themselves laughing at me, I was the absolute embodiment of petrified, I was frozen on the spot, unable to talk - I was a wreck.

They then went on to explain how they had been planning it for about 20 minutes and were just waiting for the perfect stretch of road to drop a few handbrake turns.

Fucking twats.


4. Mostlycareful might want to look into getting some new parents.

This was cruel. When I was about 10 years old, my family was on our way somewhere and we swung by the video store for me to run in and return a movie. I got out of the car, ran in and dropped off the movie, and when I came outside to get back into the car, my parents had driven off to another end of the parking lot, hiding their van behind another van, laughing at me.

Sounds funny, yes, but as a young child it was traumatic. Add to that the jeers and laughter I encountered from my family (parents and two brothers) when I got back into the car. It was not funny to me.


5. If you really think about it, Mental_d's uncle did him a favor. Sort of.

My family was on vacation at the beach and we decided to take a stroll during the sunset. We walked down the beach enjoying the view and when the sun when down we turned around. Now I should preface what happens next by saying I was around 6 years old. So I'm doing kid stuff like running down the beach and such. My parents kept saying "don't run too far or someone might snatch you up and run off with you". Did I listen? No. So I'm off a ways, prob a 1/4 mile fooling around when out of nowhere this guy runs up and grabs me and takes off running. The only light is the moonlight and I'm being carried off by someone. I'm freaking out to say the least, screaming bloody murder and kicking and swinging. The next thing I know is I'm standing there crying with my uncle just laughing and my parents saying "you should have listened to us". My uncle happened to show up by my parents and they thought it would be funny if he ran up and took me. Now I'm emotionally scarred but I don't think I'll ever not watch my back again. The idea of being taken at 6 years old is terrifying.


6. Robotwholearned88's boyfriend way an interesting way to spice up their relationship.

My boyfriend usually tries to scare me pretty often, but for about 2-3 months he quieted down (should have known something was up). I was getting ready for bed and came out of the bathroom, and I didn't see him right away. Usually, I would have gone looking for him and been scared when he grabbed my ankle next to the bed or etc. But I thought I would out smart him this time because I just went to bed, assuming he would have to admit defeat eventually. Ffwd 30-40 mins, still no boyfriend, but plenty of scary noises in the house to keep me wide awake. Worried that something might have actually happened to him, and I had let him bleed out for half an hour, I start calling his name, looking all around the house for him. I search all of our main rooms first, until there is only the back room left. I flick on the light to the studio. He growls wildly, and comes at me. He was buck naked except for a creepy old man mask that he had been holding onto for just such an occasion. I collapse in pure fright, I have never screamed so completely in my whole life.


7. The scariest part of this prank is basically just the church that rslashuser's neighbors attended.

When I was about 10, two guys from my neighbors church broke into my house dressed as clowns and tried to kidnap me.

I guess it was some fucking party their church was having where they pretended to kidnap the kids, but then the parents were there to tell them it's okay blah blah, then they go to some sleep over at the church.

Problem was these 'clowns' got the wrong damn house (we never locked our doors growing up). So I'm lying in bed and I hear someone whispering outside my door, then the door cracks open and I see two guys with fucking clown masks peering in on me.

Clown: "Austin?" (the kid that lived next door).

Me (while pissing myself): "He lives next door"

Clown: "Oh, sorry we have the wrong house, go back to sleep kid"

I fucking hate clowns.


8. Dont_be_a_c_word got too used to living with a dummy.

I used to live in a house with 3 other dudes. It was a big scary old punk rock house.

We would make a dummy out of old clothes stuffed with older clothes or stuff and we had this really scary (human face) mask that we would put on it and a wig of long black hair. This became known as “the dummy.”

Any time you opened your closet door, or drove up the driveway, or did just about anything, “the dummy” might come flopping out to startle you just a little. Then it was your turn to put the dummy somewhere and get someone else with it.

One day, I was hanging out with some friends and I went upstairs to one of my roommate’s rooms to look for some music. I noticed in the corner of my eye, that someone had set the dummy up in my roommates bed with a big butcher knife in its hand. I giggled a little and paid no attention.

I continued to look for the tape I was after, and when I found it, I turned to walk out of the room

All of a sudden, the dummy sat straight up and raised the butcher knife at me.

It scared the ever-loving shit out of me. I can still feel the place in my ribcage where my heart almost blew right out of my chest!

TL; DR – We used to scare each other in a house I used to live using a life-size dummy. One of the other guys decided to DRESS UP AS THE DUMMY and scared the shit out of me.


9. Sounds like kittenanderson dodged a (metaphorical) bullet by ending this relationship.

Freshman year of college, I was in my dorm room alone one night and some random guy starts talking to me over aim. I was really confused because I had no idea who this was or how he got my screen name (I try to keep it private). After asking general questions like "hey is this kittenanderson? You go to this college?", he starts hitting on me, hard, asking me to go on a date with him at that very second, wanting to know if we can hook up later in the week, etc. I tell him no, I have a boyfriend and I'm not interested, plus I have no idea who he is. After that is when it got creepy, he starts pulling out random facts about me (where I grew up, which high school I graduated from, the name of my stuffed bunny I had since I was 4), threatening me saying he was going to come over and break into my dorm room. Seconds after he said he was going to break in, the knob of my dorm room door had been turned (it wasn't locked) and my door opened just a crack so I jumped up and ran over to close it and lock it. About 3 minutes later someone came and shook my door handle while violently banging on my door. I was legitimately scared for my life and about to call the police when the banging stopped, so I checked the peephole.....and saw my asshole boyfriend standing there with the biggest smile on his face. I opened the door, told him to fuck off or I would call campus security, and we broke up the next day... jerk.


10. This user deleted his/her account, but it was too good not to include.

I lived in an old house growing up, it was about 200 years old and I had always thought it was haunted. Our basement was dark, there was only 1 dim light near the front of it, and it had several 'rooms', which were just partitioned off by thick walls of concrete that had giant pieces missing, like windows could've been there. It had a low ceiling, and even when I was young I had to duck slightly to avoid bumping my head, between the open rafters of the ceiling there were tons of spider webs with large spiders. The door was an old wooden one, with a skeleton key lock. My dad used to tell me there were things down there called Cellar Dwellers, he built this fear up in me over the course of my entire childhood. One day he came up from the basement, turned around and said he forgot something down there, and asked me to get it. I was scared, but I didn't want to seem like the pussy I was, so I bravely said OK! Went down 3 steps, the door slammed behind me, the light in the basement went out, leaving me in total darkness and silence. I paused for a minute and listened, for a moment I heard only my breathing... then a raspy breath, then a foot step. Then I heard low groaning sounds, which gradually got louder. I panicked, jumped up the steps and tried as hard as I could to get out of the basement, but the door was locked. The sounds got closer and louder, I screamed and kicked at the door as hard as I could, and suddenly the door burst open and my dad was standing there looking horrified and angry, and yelled something about getting 'those bastards'. He then ran down in to the basement, it got very quiet, then he screamed. I thought he was dead. He came up a minute later laughing hysterically holding a tape recorded, which he played for me, which were the sounds I heard in the basement.

TL;DR, my dad convinced me there were monsters in the basement and performed a master troll.