On January 3, a Twitter troll going by @NHRide (name "Thuggy-D") got into a beef (ouch, sorry) with the official Twitter account of Wendy's and ended up getting burned so bad that he deleted his account altogether. Not bad, Wendy's, not bad.

In a tweet that's since gone viral, writer Parker Molloy includes screengrabs of the exchange between the dude and Wendy's, along with the text "2017 is off to quite a start."


First, Wendy's tweeted about their never-frozen beef, but dude called them liars.

Wendy's stands by their claim, so dude asks how they transport it unfrozen.

Oh, right, refrigerators!

Ouch, pwned by Wendy's!

Poor Thuggy-D! He was so embarrassed he even deleted his account. Maybe he'd like a side of fries with that burn?