Uber driver stops teen from sex trafficking all because he eavesdropped.

Uber driver stops teen from sex trafficking all because he eavesdropped.

An Uber driver in Elk Grove, California picked up three passengers and, like so many chauffeurs before him, couldn't help but eavesdrop. And he soon realized he was driving two (alleged) female pimps and a 16-year-old girl to a Holiday Inn.

"They just started talking right in front of me," said Keith Avila, in a Facebook live video he streamed just after police arrived.

He said "they started like talking, like saying everything that was going on," seemingly unconcerned that he was sitting in the front seat, horrified.

I just caught a group Child Sex Trafficking ring!!! No joke!!!😳😳😳 Like my page for updates! Thanks!

Posted by Keith Avila on Monday, December 26, 2016

"Halfway there, I realized that it was child sex trafficking." The pimps were giving the teen girl instructions on how to check the guy for guns and collect his money. According to NBC, the teen was "discovered to be a runaway," and they're now sending her to an "alternative housing situation" while they locate her legal guardian.

"You could see from the look of her eyes that she was very, very innocent," Avila said of the teen. "Very insecure."

The Uber driver tried to play it cool and act "chipper" while he drove the women and the teen to their location.


After dropping them off at the hotel, he says he quickly "called the police, told them everything that was going on."

To their credit, the cops showed up right away.

"They don't play. They do not play. Not when you're doing child sex trafficking."

The two women have been arrested and so has the "suspected John" meeting them at the Holiday Inn.

We hope the teen girl finds the help that she needs.