The only thing worse than a stampede of partying bros is a stampede of partying bros with no respect for the environment. According to The Concourse, hundreds of fraternity and sorority members from the University of Oregon recently took a trip to Slaughterhouse Island on Lake Shasta—a campsite on a California reservoir—for a weekend of unsupervised raging. They proceeded to leave behind an unbelievable amount of trash, and folks are rightly furious. Facebook user Jennifer Vick Cox uploaded photos of the site, which looks like the scene of a Keystone Light-fueled apocalypse.

Here is what a group of University of Oregon students left (they are gone) on Slaughterhouse Island on Lake Shasta. Way to represent your school... Please feel free to share this post.

Posted by Jennifer Vick Cox on Sunday, May 22, 2016
Sources: The Concourse | Oregon Live