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This girl got an unsolicited d*ck pic so she sent it to his grandma. And granny responded.

This girl got an unsolicited d*ck pic so she sent it to his grandma. And granny responded.


A woman named Tamira recently posted a loooooong text exchange on Imgur between a guy she went to high school with (named Hank) and herself. The guy, who apparently had a crush on her, just hit her up out of the blue, and while she did her best to be polite, she wasn't interested in him and told him so. And he reacted just like any other person would — by sending her a picture of his dick. Wait, what?


On Imgur, Tamira wrote "I was getting ready for work and distracted. It’s a small enough neighborhood. I just wanted him to go away without hard feelings." Fair enough.

He told her he had a crush on her, and now that he's bulked up and is super buff, he wanted to take her out. He also said he was just about finished with school for criminology.

He should have stopped when Tamira said she was uncomfortable (well, he actually probably should've taken the hint earlier), but nope, nevertheless, he persisted.

She tried, again, to end the conversation, but dude still would not relent.

And then out of nowhere — BAM — dick pic. Nooooooooo!!!

HE ACCUSED HER OF LEADING HIM ON. She was just trying to be nice and let him down easy, and instead, he took it as an invitation to just go ahead and send her a picture of his member.

He wanted a picture back, too. AS IF.

When he finally understood he was being rejected, he went from adoration to anger faster than a mail carrier running from a dog. So Tamira told Hank exactly what was up — she'd just sent their entire text convo to his grandmother.

And she got some messages back from Hank's granny.

So he was lying about school that whole time! And his grandmother's basic reaction? "Boys will be boys." What?? How!? This is not okay.

It just goes to show that some men really don't understand women at all. And Grandma is wrong; it's not a case of "boys being boys" (as if that's really an acceptable excuse for anything anyway). This is why women sometimes worry about being nice to men - it seems like just about anything the woman does or says can be construed by the man as flirting. LEARN TO TAKE A HINT, Hank. And get some help, too.

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