Yes, all it got you was widespread coverage on social media

Yesterday, I talked to you about Randy Liedtke, an LA-based comedian who had the bright idea to bake cookies in the shape of iPhones so that he could go driving with them and get pulled over for using a phone while operating a vehicle:

I'm sorry you couldn't afford the gold-icing iPhone, Randy.

As virtually everyone on the Internet pointed out, this was a pretty funny concept that was virtually guaranteed to piss off police officers and result in an arrest. As you can see from Randy's tweet above, he says it has. (Then again, he recently fooled the entire Internet by pretending to be Pace Salsa getting into a Twitter fight with another comedian, Kyle Kinane, who was also fooled. So, take this entire story with a grain of skepticism.) Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Randy says he put his plan into action and got into his car with his cookies:

Sources: Randy Liedtke