You know when you ask your local UPS driver to just leave the package if no one is there to sign for it? And if they're nice, they'll do that for you, and some will even attempt to hide the package for you, under the welcome mat or something. Well, this driver did just that, only his/her choice of where to leave the package wasn't ideal.

The UPS delivery person wedged the package under the doorknob of the apartment, which would have been fine, had no one been home. But um, people were. And due to the package placement, they were now trapped inside.


A person named Jessie Lawrence tweeted a picture of the package, mentioning the problem to UPS, and the fact that they apparently had to call maintenance to come let them out. Yikes.

The tweet was posted on Reddit, too, where some people commented on this "accident."

If the place burned, so would the package.

An interesting thing to note: should you want to murder someone, this is not a terrible idea.

But we all know the very best "perfect crime" plan belongs to The Office's Dwight Shrute.