I am constantly in awe of Australians for their lack of fear towards the insane wildlife they share their backyards with, but sometimes nature just gets a little too close for comfort. Take for example this family whose poisonous, slithery neighbor recently photobombed their toddler.

A woman named Bianca Dickinson was recently playing with her kids at the end of her driveway in Victoria when she snapped this photo of her two-year-old daughter, Molly. Cute right?

OH MY Golly....snakes are on the move!!! I was out taking a photo of my daughter for Jodie @twinklestardesigns and...

Posted by Bianca Dickinson on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

If you look just a little bit closer at Molly's feet, you might notice that there is a giant venomous snake slithering right next to her.

"I was looking through my camera lens and was looking at my daughter. I saw something move in the corner of my eye and actually thought it was bark coming off the tree — yesterday in Victoria it was quite windy — I then looked up to see where the bark had gone," Dickinson told ABC.

It was only when Dickinson looked up that she realized the "bark" was in fact a venomous snake.


Luckily, Molly was completely oblivious to the snake, as she was just excited to see her siblings get off the school bus. She stayed still, and the snake slithered right past her.

Later, when Dickinson checked her phone, she realized she'd snapped a photo of the snake dangerously close to Molly's feet. (Talk about the scariest photobomb ever.)

ABC says that it's unknown whether the snake was an eastern brown or a king brown snake, but both are very venomous.


Luckily, Molly remains totally oblivious to her close call with the snake.

Her mom told ABC, "She didn't realize the snake was there and still doesn't understand what happened, which is good, and maybe in years to come she'll have a look at it and see how lucky she was to escape."

Phew. Close call.