Don't they understand that fluffy, frosted cake symbolizes the imperialistic killing machine of the capitalist West?

Little Jimmy's birthday party theme was... unsettling this year. (via Chuck Netzhammer)

Chuck Netzhammer, a resident of Slidell, Louisiana, went to Walmart to have a cake printed with the words "Heritage Not Hate" superimposed on a Confederate flag, because America. Walmart denied his request. A few days later, he returned and requested a cake with the ISIS flag printed on it. They complied to his request. Chuck made a 2-minute long YouTube video about the incident, with the paperwork and cake to back up his evidence. As a self-proclaimed loyal customer, he wanted to make a point about the political hypocrisy of Walmart's bakery department. I should also mention that he delivered the first part of his complaint from his dirt bike.

Sources: ABC News