Scott Wiener, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, had a great zinger ready when he was confronted by Fox News.

In the last few weeks, Fox News has latched on like a barnacle to the story of Kathryn Steinle. On July 1, Steinle was tragically killed in a random shooting on a San Francisco pier. This has opened up two debates. The first is whether this calls into question how "sanctuary cities"—localities that ignore federal deportation requests—are run. Steinle's killer was a known criminal who had been deported multiple times, and San Francisco's Sheriff is rightly taking heat for ignoring Department of Justice requests to detain him. The second debate, being run by Donald Trump and Fox News, is whether most illegal immigrants are, in fact, criminals—the new hot theory on the right being that Mexico is deliberately sending us their criminals, like a 24/7 Mariel Boatlift.

Sources: ThinkProgress