6 stupid things the Internet is doing with fidget spinners.

6 stupid things the Internet is doing with fidget spinners.

Unless you live under a rock or are one of those lucky folks who don't have to interact with people under the age of 19, you are probably familiar with the fidget spinner craze.


These spinning toys are said to relieve stress and calm the mind, and are ideal for those with ADHD, anxiety and autism. Well, that's what their marketing team wants you to believe, anyway.

So what does this toy do, exactly? Well, it spins. And it drive teachers insane. Annnnd that's about it. That is, until some clever folks discovered ways to use their fidget spinners for things other than just fidget spinning.

Here are 6 ways to make your useless fidget spinner somewhat useful:

1. As a way to apply makeup.

James Charles, teen makeup guru and CoverGirl's first CoverBoy, used a fidget spinner to contour his face. Spoiler, he kind of just moved the product around with the spinner, which, by the way, wasn't even spinning. But A+ for effort, James! You are definitely who Whitney Houston was talking about when she sang "I believe that children are our future."


2. As a way to curl the hair.

YouTuber Bunny Meyer often makes videos of herself trying things we would never want to try, and continued the tradition by attempting to curl her hair using 18 fidget spinners. What could possibly go wrong?

On the up side, the fidget spinners actually did curl her hair. On the down side, they were so heavy that it caused her pain. Well, beauty is pain, I guess? That saying sucks.

3. As a butt plug. Seriously.

Well, we all knew we would end up here eventually, didn't we? A butt plug fidget spinner. I'm not sh*tting you. It exists. The sex toy was created Oregon-based Etsy user GlowFyourself, and can help to stimulate not only your mind, but also, you know, your butthole.


4. On your nails as a very distracting manicure.

Okay, so we know that fidget spinners are supposed to enhance focus, but this manicure almost definitely will have the opposite effect. If you are patient and creative enough to create these itsy-bitsy fidget spinners by hand (and let's be real—you're not), you can have the spinning toy on your digits at all times. Just imagine getting those stuck in your locks every time you run your fingers through your hair. Not worth it.


5. As pet toys.

Yup, humans are not the only species who are obsessed with fidget spinners. Cats and dogs alike seem to be obsessed with the spinning toy. Yes, that's right, I said CATS. Even furry feline overlords who enjoy beheading mice and judging you from afar are capable of having fun with a fidget spinner. It's a real crowd pleaser.


Oh, and people like to put spinning fidget spinners on their pets, now-a-days. I'm not complaining. It's really freaking cute.

Fidget spinner on dog mouth, lol! #fidgetspinner #fidget #fidgetcube

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6. As a creative way to plate food.

This one is actually genius. The Instagram account sleeping_with_the_chef, which is devoted to documenting chef and photographer duo Bryan and Jennifer Caswell, demonstrated how to utilize a fidget spinner to dress a plate. It is like the gourmet version of spin-art.


Or you could just, know you, spin it and stare at it instead of getting anything done. Whatever spins your fidgets, kids.