Everyone's left behind something at a hotel. Usually it's a small item that's, well, easily forgotten, because some things, like a pony, are typically harder to leave behind when traveling. Or so you'd think.

Last year, a person left a Shetland pony named Pudding at a Travelodge hotel in Ayr, Scotland.

"Please come back."
"Please come back."

How? His owner popped out do some errands, as people do, then just somehow neglected to remember that he'd left a pony at his hotel. 

The pony was one of a many impossible-to-forget items found in empty Travelodge hotel rooms. The UK chain's list of most bizarre things people somehow misplaced in 2015 also includes a canoe, a grandfather clock, and a prenup (seems like something you'd double check for). There were also some humans: Seamus in Bournemouth, England probably should get some new friends after he was ditched at a Travelodge, and another guest left behind their mother-in-law, June. That may have not been an accident.

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