From manspreaders to seat-kicking children to just plain rude jerks, airplanes are full of complete strangers that can become instant enemies. But nobody on a flight is better equipped to annoy than the person sitting directly ahead of you. Between their reclining habits and their current gastrointestinal status, they can make a mere five-hour trip take a lifetime.

Yet we'd be lying if we said we'd ever encountered something like redditor Orygun-Not-Orygone's dad did on a recent jaunt via sky-bus. Behold, the future of irritating the person sitting behind you:


As many commenters with long hair pointed out, this is no accident. "You have to lift and flip your hair up for this to happen. Or potentially slide down from really high up," wrote one. Which, according to another, made asking the passenger to fix it all the more daunting: "For some reason I find it so much more difficult to confront someone who is aware of being rude." On that score, some suggested simply yanking (or trimming) it.

Meanwhile, not a few people became obsessed with the frizzy hair itself. "Hagrid having issues on muggle transport again I see," quipped one. "Goddamn, does this person wash their hair with hand sanitizer or something?" asked another critic. Truly, a mystery for the ages, though even the answer would do nothing to alleviate the nightmare that is having to ask a person to move their hair so you can see which episodes of The Office are on.

Sources: Reddit