13 glorious photos of despicable in-flight behavior.

13 glorious photos of despicable in-flight behavior.

Flying in an airplane used to be a novelty, and also fancy. Now we are numb to the amazingness of flight, and everyone is a slob. Here are the worst of the worst. (A special thanks to Passenger Shaming, which collect and exposes deplorable in-flight behavior to the delight and consternation of the Internet.)

1. Keep your shirt on.

Sir, this is an airplane, not a .38 Special concert.

2. His dentist loves him, everyone else hates him.

He listens to music while he brushes because it distracts him from how gross it is.

3. A fine mess.

This is why the people in first class look down on us.


4. Why so sleepy, sleepyhead?

Oh, I see.

5. Did you bring enough for the whole plane?


They're just saving it for the return flight.

6. Be prepared for your next flight.

And make sure to stay safe.

7. Somehow this is worse than a condom.


What the hell happened here?

8. Hair it is.

Hot Pursuit wasn't meant to be seen this way.

9. It's healthier to sleep on your stomach.


And it would be sooo uncomfortable to keep your shoes on.

10. Stickin' together.

My mom still gives me grief about the banana sticker I put on the wall of my childhood bedroom.

11. Baby on board.


At least she's not crying. Yet.

12. Which do you prefer…

A stranger's gross feet on the place where you might eat food…

13. Or a stranger's feet…


…Right next to that coffee you aren't going to be drinking anymore?