Unless you're stretching out in first class, flying is rarely an enjoyable experience. Airplane rides are associated with cramped seats, stuffy air, boredom, and involuntarily bowel moments—or at least they will be after you read these 21 tales of in-flight horrors shared on many Reddit threads, Twitter, and Imgur.

1. Flying brings out the worst in people for no reason, as thearchvolta learned.

Oh man. I got straight-up punched by a hearing-impaired Russian lady on a flight from Calgary to London.

I was reading the newspaper, purposefully angled away from her because she was agitated before takeoff. Then the pilot came on the intercom and said we'd be taking off in ten or so; she made some unintelligible noise and smacked the newspaper out of my hand. I said "Whoaaa..." and she then proceeded to punch me in the ear.

Needless to say, the flight was delayed, we had to fill out incident reports, and I moved to the back of the plane. Apparently on her incident report all she wrote was "He bothers me".