Of course America is the greatest country in the world, and no one thinks otherwise (cough, cough), but it's hard to get perspective when you're on the inside. Fortunately some foreigners who have visited can tell us what seems shocking or strange when viewed as an outsider. Here are 13 stories shared on reddit of visitors' biggest WTF moments.

1. esker9 found there is no "win" in USA.

Near the end of a vacation to the US I was feeling a bit guilty from eating so unhealthy. I ordered a salad at a restaurant and it came with complimentary ice cream. You cannot win against America.


2. bertonomus from south africa got a rise out of our gas guzzlers.

My boss visited the U.S. recently on a business trip. He kept sending me photos & videos of how huge your trucks are and how many Ford Mustangs he kept seeing. He was giddy like a little kid in all his videos.

3. Checkheck had his WTf moment before he even got on the plane.

Im going to fly to the U.S. in a couple of weeks for the first time. Already had a WTF moment. I had to fill out some personal stuff to get into the country. Questions like:

"Are you planning a genocide in the USA. Yes or No"

"Are you planning a terroristic attack in the USA. Yes or No"

I mean... If someone really is planning something like that and succeed. What then?

"He lied to us!!! How could he. He said he won't do a genocide and now look at that"


4. Fatherchristmassdad met Americans who think accents are a different language.

"Keep up the good work on that English!"

I'm from Scotland...

5. JanetSnarkhole reveals we are famous for our gap.


6. ​FuckCazadors came to hunt big game.

On my first day in the USA I saw someone who was at least as fat as anyone I had ever seen before in my life. On each subsequent day while I was in the USA I saw someone at least as fat again.

My family made it a game to spot the fattest person each day.


7. RealPoutineHasCurds is a Canadian who got firsthand sighting of the midwest billboard wars.

One summer some friends and I roadtripped from Pennsylvania to Utah and back (10,000 km in 2 weeks. Good times). We're from Canada so we're pretty used to Americanisms, however we found the stark contrast in billboards in the Bible belt to be amusing. Every couple clicks it alternated between "Jesus saves, confess your sins" and "XXX girls girls girls, next exit".

Seeing scripture on the back of transport trucks was pretty bizarre too. And the aggressive preachers on the radio. And the giant fifty foot crosses (plural). I mean, it's called the Bible belt for a reason, but I didn't really appreciate the scope until I was there.


8. MrPotatoPenguin from Finland found out why sports here is as big as our people.

Going to an NHL game seemed like I was at an eating event.

Also 9 chicken McNuggets costing about $4.10 and 20 costing $4.50. (Not sure about the exact costs but you get the idea)

9. ​ALWAYS_TELLING_LIES went to a Taco Bell, left with a WTF supreme.

Two fat women trying to get in to the same bathrooms stall, which devolved in to a fist fight.

10. ​eraser_dust has a story that's one for the ages.

So, being Indonesian (world's largest Muslim country) and male, my dad always gets taken into a special room for interrogation every time we arrive in the US. When I happened to be with him, I got tired of waiting on my own, so I went to one of the officers guarding the area and asked how long it would take for my dad to get out.

He went, "Oh my god, honey, you're all alone?"

And suddenly everyone was rushing to get my dad out as soon as possible, kept asking me if there was anything I needed, and kept telling me not to be scared. Obviously that made me actually nervous. What the fuck is happening?

Then I found out Americans just suck at telling Asian ages and apparently I looked 8-12. They thought they made my dad leave a child all alone in a foreign country. I was 16...


11. ​_Blood_Fart_ went straight to the front lines of the American forces.

at least 30 HUGE women marching into a Wal-Mart, in a single file line. Almost all of them with holstered handguns on their belt's.

All of them went straight to the McDonald's, never breaking formation. Never saying a word except to the cashier.

It was majestic, like a squadron of fully armed Zeppelin floating by during WW2.

12. tradingten took his cues about all of America based on some lawns in Florida.

I was in Florida and the amount of car wrecks in front yards was baffling.

13. And finally, off-and-on who has one nice surprise in the U.S.

This one isn't really negative, but still amazes me. I'm from Sweden, and visited New York a few summers ago with my family. We had just gotten off the bus, and my step sister was feeling really nauseus from the bus ride. She walks up to a garbage can and takes a few deep breaths, trying to not vomit. Suddenly a guy in a suit with a briefcase walks up, asks if she's alright, tells her to wait there, and comes back a few seconds later with a bottle of water for her. Just a complete stranger. That's not something you'd see in Sweden.