The fuckable TwerkingButt is here, and I would like to help you optimize its value.

A thing of butt-y is a joy forever. (via TwerkingButt)

Pornhub, the makers of... well, you can guess what sort of things they're the makers of... have a new product: the TwerkingButt. This programmable, vibrating, fuckable butt comes with VR goggles, the ability to be controlled by your smartphone, technology that allows it to twerk in time with whatever playlist you desire, and so on. The deluxe model of the butt is the one that truly twerks, and that's yours for $1000.

While nobody can put a price on pleasure (which really should be a tagline for something, if it isn't already), $1000 is a lot of money. If I had an extra $1000, I could buy groceries for several months. Or I could fly across the country multiple times to visit my family. Or I could get 1000 one-dollar bills! Thus, I can't in good faith suggest buying the disembodied twerking butt just to have a disembodied twerking butt.

Sources: h/t BoingBoing