Don't say "purrfect," don't say "purrfect." Dammit. Purrfect. (via)

If the Internet loves one thing, it loves selfies. Either that, or it loves connecting strangers so they can be weird with each other. It also really loves crappy MS Paint style illustrations a lot more than you would expect. Now, however, there's no need to choose, because all those potentially awkward things have been combined in an app that lets a stranger artistically re-interpret your selfies. "French Girls" takes its name from the famous Titanic line, but unlike that scene, the selfies themselves are SFW. What the artists draw in return, however, can be a bit more unpredictable. It's still the Internet, after all. Here are some of the best ones that have ended up on reddit.


Sometimes, they're really lovely. (via)

Most of the time, people get what they were secretly asking for. (via)

Alpacas do hate broccoli. It gets stuck in their braces. (via)

This drawing could be a children's book for the next generation of nightmares. (via)


I don't know, I think that second one might be Photoshopped or something. (via)

Coming soon from Pixar. (via)

My only criticism is that his shirt should have yellow stripes. (via)


#NoFilter #JustRolledOutOfTheStableLikeThis (via)

The awful truth. (via)

Purrfect. I don't care if that doesn't fit here. (via)

See way more from u/TomSennett on reddit or at French Girls.

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