Twitter sensation Zola talks to 'Rolling Stone,' ties up all the loose ends about #TheStory.

Twitter sensation Zola talks to 'Rolling Stone,' ties up all the loose ends about #TheStory.

It's been a few weeks since The Zola Story lit Twitter ablaze with its incredibly written, mostly true tale of a Hooters waitress's wild weekend in Florida. Reporters have investigated The Story, and found that it was mostly true, except for a few key details on Jessica and Jerrett's relationship, and the nature of Z's arrest. Rolling Stone combined the best of Zola's epic storytelling and actual reportage in this new, super-long profile. It adds more depth and elaborates on some of the subtleties that couldn't be expressed in 140 character chunks, even if there were 185 tweets' worth.

Here are the greatest revelations from Rolling Stone's examination of #TheStory.

1. Jessica had a tragic childhood.

Jessica had been "born to a 15-year-old mother, raised in a troubled home, surrounded by drugs and alcohol." She adds, "I was bouncing from abusive relationship to abusive relationship."

2. Z's real name is Rudy.

Rudy is Jessica and Jarrett's roommate, whose fiancée was living and working in Tampa. He is also the best friend of her booking agent.


3. Rudy's pimping was really shady.

"He goes to parties and finds the dumbest drunk girl," Jessica says. "A week later, they would be on Backpage."

4. Rudy threatened Jarrett, and Jarrett threatened suicide.

According to Rolling Stone:

By the time Jarrett got back to the motel room, Jessica was on the bed, crying, and Zola was sitting in the corner. The door slammed behind him. "Give me your phone!" Rudy shouted, quickly deleting the Facebook post. "I ought to whoop your ass and kill you right now, motherfucker!"

"Do it!" Jarrett replied. "I don't care. I have nothing to live for. The girl I love's a whore!"

According to Zola, that seemed to give Rudy a better idea. "I should fuck her right here, just show you who she really belongs to," he said, then seemed to reconsider it. "You know what? I'm going to kill your manhood. You're going to watch your girl go on all these calls. You're going to take her."


5. Zola stayed in Florida because she feared for Jessica.

Despite the insanity, Zola was still afraid to leave. "I don't want it looking like, 'You left her, you didn't call the police, you went back home, now this girl ended up dead,'" she says. "That's why I stayed. Just so that if anything went bad for her, she has somebody."

6. Zola, Jarrett and Jessica have different accounts on how the night unfolded after Jarrett's jump.

Jessica says only Zola took outcalls that night. Jarrett says both women went together on at least one trick, but quickly left when the johns didn't have the money. Zola says the only thing she did that night, while Jessica visited multiple johns, was try to talk Jarrett out of his relationship with her. "You're trying to be Captain Save-a-ho," she told him as they waited in the car, "when she clearly doesn't want saving."


7. Jarrett negates a lot of #TheStory:

According to him, there was no confrontation between Rudy and the pimp. He also denies Zola went with them on the outcall at all, saying it was he and Rudy alone who drove Jessica to that hotel. When they went to pick her up, Jarrett says, Jessica was already in the lobby. The pimp never offered Rudy $20,000 for Jessica, he says, and she hadn't been beaten. The only thing Rudy did in retaliation, according to Jarrett, was tell the hotel clerk to call the police because a man had tried to snatch his girlfriend. (Jessica's story closely mirrors Jarrett's, except, she says, it was Zola, not her, who was in the room with the other pimp that night).


8. Jessica apologized to Zola.

"I hope you don't feel like I set you up," Jessica told Zola before she got on the plane, "I hope we can be friends." Zola responded, "I will never see you again."

9. Jessica and Rudy trapped two girls into trapping in Reno.

A few days after the events of #TheStory unfolded, Jessica and Rudy put more unsuspecting people in compromising positions. Breeona Pellow and Jessica Forgie, two women who had met Jessica in Michigan, were on vacation in California when their car broke down just outside of Reno. They posted on Facebook that they needed help, and Jessica got her agent to send them a car as she and Rudy flew from Florida to Reno.


10. Rudy made the other women "f*ck their way home."

At the Peppermill [Resort in Reno], Forgie says when she pleaded with Rudy to let her go home, he said, "Oh, you think you can go home for free? I have an idea. You can fuck your way home." Forgie thought he meant that she'd have to turn tricks, but realized he was talking about having sex with him. "That's when he assaulted me," she claims.


11. Rudy was arrested in Reno.

Forgie reported her rape and went to the hospital, and cops arrested Rudy at the resort. Apparently, Jessica turned to her and said, "Don't say anything."

12. He is currently in jail.

Akporode "Rudy" Uwedjojevwe wears a brown t-shirt in his mugshot, and the tired gaze of a man at the end of his run. The 35-year-old, who is being held in a Nevada jail, has been charged with sexual assault, sex trafficking, battery, attempted pandering and felony counts stemming from a fight in jail. His trial is slated for January 19. Pellow and Forgie say they plan to testify against him. He could face life in prison. Though the accounts vary, everyone agrees that the man who manipulated them is rightfully behind bars. "It's a real thing, and it happens all the time," says Forgie, who has since struggled with depression to the point of threatening suicide. "People need to understand that." (Rudy didn't return requests to be interviewed for this story.)


13. The article explains how Rudy's methods constitute a "textbook example of how women get swept in sex work."

Bradley Myles, CEO of the Polaris Project, a non-profit that fights human trafficking, calls Rudy's enterprise a textbook example of how women get swept up in sex work. "We're still not where we need to be yet as a country in terms of understanding how real sex trafficking is in our daily midst," he says. Polaris receives an average of 100 calls a day to its helpline (888-373-7888) and text service, BeFree. "They were designed to help girls exactly like the ones in this case," Myles says.


14. Zola hasn't spoken to Jessica since Florida, and has some ideas for her future.

Zola is launching a brand of "Hoeism" t-shirts, and staying active on social media. She still aspires to be a singer, but also feels encouraged to pursue writing. "And a reality show would be kind of cool," she told the magazine, "I think I'm funny and entertaining."