By now you've probably heard about the terrible PR nightmare United Airlines is facing after a doctor from Kentucky was forcibly dragged off a flight. Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get worse for the embattled airline, a scorpion falls out of one of their overhead compartments and stings a passenger.

According to Travel + Leisure, United passengers Richard and Linda Bell were on a flight back home to Calgary from Houston after spending two weeks on vacation in Mexico when a scorpion fell out of an overhead compartment and onto Richard.


They didn't recognize what the animal was until a passenger sitting next to them told them it was a scorpion. (Linda told Global News Canada she thought it looked like a cute little lobster at first.) Richard quickly got the animal out of his hair and dropped it onto his tray. When he picked it up again, it stung him.

Another passenger nearby threw the scorpion on the ground, stomped on it, and discarded the remains in the toilet.

When the plane arrived in Calgary, emergency personnel came on board to examine Richard. He declined medical attention and an EMS spokesperson said he "showed no signs of distress." (Other than being subject to scorpions falling from the sky.)


No one knows how the scorpion got on the plane, but the best guess is that it snuck on board in a passenger's luggage.

I guess United is now providing in-flight snacks and scorpion stings? Man, tough week.

Sources: Travel + Leisure