If you follow this list, you can do EVERYTHING and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to block your truth shine.

You can do this all the time... if you know how to prioritize everything. (via Thinkstock)

Whether you're reading about fitness, dieting, friends, family, home improvement, personal development, or reaching career goals, the advice is almost always the same — you have to make the things that matter to you a priority. But when everything's a priority, how do you prioritize your priorities?

You could focus on a small handful things that are the most important to you, doing a great job at those and leaving yourself time to relax and just be. But the person who does that sounds like a boring loser! If you're reading this list, I bet you're the kind of awesome person who wants to do more with his day and surround himself with motivational art he found on clearance at TJ Maxx. (“Work for beauty in your beliefs, and your tomorrow will become today's truth!!!!")