Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Boy, it sure will be fun to celebrate your love with a bunch of terrible people you're forced to invite!

The best thing about these people is the alcohol they're holding. (via Thinkstock)

Human beings: We're all deeply broken. And nowhere is that more obvious than in the emotionally charged situation that is a wedding. Here are the 10 people that should be kept far, far away from the happiest day of your life, if social mores didn't force to you have to invite them.

1. Your friend who claims she TOTALLY doesn't mind that she's the last one of your friend group getting married.

"Really, I am SO happy for you guys. All of you! All FIVE of our friends who have been married in the last two years! And who all do married-couple double dates without me now. That must be SO MUCH FUN for you guys! Oh, no, I don't want to horn in on that couple time. I've been really busy with this SCUBA class. Well, I've been busy trying to figure out if I should take a SCUBA class. Maybe I could meet my future husband there! Or maybe I could die alone on the bottom of the ocean!"