Most websites report the news with licensed photos of current events. On the other hand, we can cover the same stories just as well with generic stock images. You won't even be able to tell the difference! Here are this week's top stories:

Last Sunday was the 87th Annual Academy Awards.

The big winner of the night was Birdman, which took home four Oscars, including Best Picture.

Michael Keaton was amazing.

Eddie Redmayne, however, won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

Way to go, Eddie!

Also this week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to preserve net neutrality, keeping the Internet open so corporations can't control it.

Great job, FCC!


Needless to say, Internet users were thrilled.

Speaking of the government, this week the city of Washington, D.C. legalized marijuana.

Great job, Washington!

Needless to say, cannabis users were thrilled.

Slow down, young people! Stay in school!

Sadly, this week also saw the death of beloved Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy.

Whose bright idea was that?

Nimoy was most famous for his portrayal of Mr. Spock, the alien first officer of the USS Enterprise.

Live long and prosper.

In stranger news, people all over the Internet went nuts arguing over the color of a dress. They couldn't decide whether it was white and gold…


…or black and blue.

Can you tell?

Finally, there were the llamas. In Arizona, two llamas escaped from their handlers.

"I've got a plan."

"Oh yeah?"

The llamas made a break for it.

Soon, however, officials managed to recapture both of them.

Now they're back home, safe and sound!


Needless to say, everyone was relieved.

And that's the news!

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