Most websites report the news with licensed photos of current events. On the other hand, we can cover the same stories just as well with generic stock images. You won't even be able to tell the difference! Here's this week's news:

Hillary Clinton was embroiled in a minor scandal this week.

Well-dressed as always.

It turns out she used her personal email account for official correspondence during her time as Secretary of State.

Critics accused her of a lack of transparency. What's more, they expressed concern that her emails were insecure, and could have been read by a third party.

Watch out Hillary, it's ISIS!

Also in the world of politics, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington, D.C. this week.


Prime Minister Netanyahu had a chilly reception from the Obama administration, as relations between the two leaders have deteriorated recently.

Netanyahu gave a speech in front of Congress, in which he took aim at Obama's policies.

He got really fired up.

All in all, the man they call "Bibi" really lived up to his name!

Shots fired!

In lighter news, the founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream made some interesting comments in an interview.

Working hard or hardly working?

Ben & Jerry said that they would consider making an ice cream infused with marijuana, if the drug were legalized.

Far out, man.

Although not everyone was happy about the idea, young people were very enthusiastic.

In entertainment news, Kim Kardashian bleached her hair blonde.

She broke the Internet all over again.


Some people thought she looked great, but others said she looked like Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies.

Can you see the resemblance?

I'm sure one guy liked it, though – her husband, Kanye West.

His smile says it all.

Finally, there was a scary story, as beloved actor Harrison Ford crashed a small plane into a golf course in Los Angeles.

The 72-year-old actor is most famous for his roles in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.

He's still got it.

Thankfully, he walked away with only a few broken bones, as well as cuts and bruises. Pretty lucky for a plane crash.

Don't be such a grouch.

I guess the lesson here is that flying and golf don't mix!


And that's the news!

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