This guy was pumping up the crowd for his inevitable victory when someone pulled ahead of him on the track.

You haven't won until you've crossed the finish line. It's a hard lesson to learn, but Oregon runner Tanguy Pepiot has definitely learned it. He was so close to winning this year's Pepsi Team Invitational. The crowd was cheering and he wanted them to cheer louder. Louder! I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

Of course, if you're concentrating too much on the potential accolades, you forget about the task. Seeing the opportunity, Meron Simon—the man who was moments ago in second place—pulled ahead and won the race.

Pepiot kind of gestures at Simon as Simon wins, his face saying, "What the f*ck, not cool, dude!" Then he realizes what he's done in front of the crowd and has to lie down for a minute. Simon helps him off the ground with a hug, because it's important to be a gracious winner.

Sources: Fox Sports | h/t Mashable