I want to be an astronaut when I grow up so I can become famous on Vine. (via Getty Images)

Finally, modern technology has made it to space.

Astronaut Reid Wiseman just posted the first Vine from the international space station, and as many cheesy newscasters will be tempted to say, it is literally out of this world. Below is footage of the ISS's 92 minute orbit around the earth compressed into a six second video. 

What on earth am I looking at?

As Wiseman points out, there is no sunset. The ISS is traveling in line with the terminator line (heh heh) AKA the twilight zone (heh heh heh), which is the moving barrier between light and dark on the earth. The vine demonstrates how the terminator line oscillates due to earth's off-kilter axis. Meaning, the terminator line sways back and forth. Meaning, it will be back. 

Here's a pic of the ISS in space for context. 

Here we see the terminator line on earth and the moon. Terminator 2 anyone? Hello? (via SEN)

Thanks for the space update, Reid, can't wait to see what you cover on the next one.


(by Myka Fox)

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