A NASA camera was trying to monitor the solar winds around the Earth, when BOOM—there's that prankster, the Moon, getting in the way and ruining the shot. But wait: The image provides a rare glimpse of the dark side of the Moon.

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The Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite (or DSCOVR, get it?) was about a million miles away from Earth last July, taking photos to help monitor solar winds for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It was not supposed to capture this image of the moon moving across the sunlit side of Earth. What's so scientifically awesome about this is that it shows us what the dark side of the Moon looks like.

You see, the Earth holds the Moon in place with gravity of such force that we always see the same side. The other side, the dark side, is never visible from Earth. It's only visible if you manage to get a picture of it from way, way outside, like this NASA camera did.