A bus powered by fuel made from manure set a new speed record in the UK.

Faster than a speeding anxiety fart! (sorry.) (via Thinkstock)

If the Speed franchise decided to make an economically-themed film, this bus would definitely be the star, at least in the vehicular sense. It runs on fuel made from cow manure, and the UK company Reading Buses nicknamed it the “Bus Hound.” It reached a speed of over 80 mph, breaking the record for a bus that runs on compressed biomethane, AKA poop.

Reading Buses' chief engineer John Bickerton told the BBC the reason for the speed test was "to get the image of bus transport away from being dirty, smelly, and slow. We're modern, fast, and at the cutting edge of innovation." I would much rather ride this bus fueled by excrement than remember the days of riding Chinatown buses that smelled like it.

Sources: Descrier