Try looking back on your spelling before posting. (Lamebook)

Happy Scripps Spelling Bee week. If you've never heard of Scripps, let's put them in perspective: they own the URL Not or The most basic spelling bee URL that's out there belongs to Scripps. Also, it's all kids. Kids are destroying the rest of us by spelling some of the most complicated and archaic words in the English language. They can also use those words in a sentence. Instead of feeling bad about how much better a 12-year-old is at talking than you, enjoy the terrible spelling and grammar of the people in this post. But if I've made any mistakes, ignore them. Or comment immediately and angrily, either one is fine.


Right to choosse. (Lamebook)

Only the best for Sarah. (Lamebook)

Double-bag it. (Lamebook)


But I'll never reveal the equation. (Lamebook)

Yes! All men named Nate belong in India. Finally, some sensible ideas on immigration. (reddit)

She used to be cute. (Lamebook)


Or incense? (Lamebook)

Scared to ask what her 2st choice was. (Lamebook)


Someone's definitely on the naughty list. (Lamebook)

So thrue. (Lamebook)

The dark side of The Giving Tree. (Lamebook)


Buns. Pastries. Tasty cakes. (Lamebook)

That doesn't seem like something Bob Marley would say. (Lamebook)


The patients are running the asylum. (Lamebook)

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