A leaked contract between Marvel and Sony lists very specific traits that Spider-Man must have.

He is a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, but he always dreamed about trying an open mic. (via Gawker)

As you can see, Peter Parker is always going to be the same straight white dude Spider-Man. Because it's the law. The contract is just one embarrassing reveal from the larger hack of Sony Pictures, and it shows just how entrenched the idea of superheroes as straight white males can be (though thankfully we can look forward to Black Panther and Captain 2017 and 2018). Gawker also points out that this contract is strange because it went into effect after black-latino character Miles Morales assumed the role of Spider-Man in the comics. However, some people speculate that the Morales character might eventually take over in the movies. As long as he's not gay!

Sources: h/t Gawker