Some major gnar was shredded on Sunday.

Four flips isn't cool. You know what's cool? Five flips. (via Nitro Circus/YouTube)

Sunday was "Revolution Day" at the Nitro Circus, which is basically a day where a bunch of people get together and try some crazy ish on their bikes. The most popular rider on this year's slate was Jed Mildon, whose big stunt was attempting to pull off a quadruple flip. For those of you who don't know your numeral prefixes (shame on you!), that means four flips in a row.

Mildon landed a triple flip a few years earlier and was in competition with his friend and fellow rider, James Foster, to be the first to complete the quad. Foster was recently injured, however, and Mildon swooped in to claim the title.

Sources: Transworld BMX | YouTube