Lady with a drinking problem.

Traditionally, when you're getting soaked in beer at a baseball park, it usually means you've won something, like a pennant or the World Series. In this case, the only thing the woman wearing the #42 jersey won is a week's worth of fame as the "lady who got soaked when her beer was obliterated by a home run ball."

When you first see the clip, you can't help but wonder how the woman at this Giants-Padres game wasn't able to react in time to somehow save her beer. Maybe she noticed that every guy within a ten-foot radius had their hands out as if they had a shot at catching the ball. By the time it dawned on her (see top) that the average fan is a terrible judge of these things - which is why they're in the stands and not on the field - and that the ball and her beer had a date with destiny, it was too late.

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