Until someone snaps their legs off, anyway.

Today, Vice released a lengthy profile on Bubble Soccer. Like many Vice pieces, it was much longer than I personally have an attention span for, but they described this rising sport perfectly as "the NFL Blitz version of soccer." The hits are as huge as they are hilariously safe—as you've probably deduced by now, it's full contact soccer inside of giant plastic inflated bubbles. Surprisingly, this didn't start out as the soccer version of Sarcastiball (the South Park sport full of hugs and balloons that Randy Marsh accidentally started to protest concerns about Pee Wee football safety), although it did start out as a joke by two Norwegian comedians and television hosts named Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011. Even though their TV clip is in Norwegian, the humor needs no translation (subtitles are available in settings, though):

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