Just FYI, Curt Schilling, 43.9% of Germans voted for the Nazis in 1933. In 1940 the war was already raging. Wait...just how dumb are you?

This is like a dumb onion. It has layers of stupidity and makes you weep for humanity. 

Curt Schilling is best known for his years as a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, and also for being asked by local Republicans to run in Massachusetts every two years. I wish I could say this tweet would hurt his chances in that field, but for all I know this is just a prelude to him announcing his candidacy for something in 2016.

Earlier today, Curt Schilling, a man with two German names, tweeted out the above meme/photo/nonsense. He quickly deleted it, but the damage was done. He's since been stripped of his position as a commentator for the Little League World Series. He still gets to work at Monday Night Baseball, though. Seriously, though, WTF? This may be easy for me to say as a non-Muslim, but I'm more offended by how mind-meltingly stupid this is than its bigotry.

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