As much as he's enjoying the attention, I'm sure Odell would assure you he is not your god.

Sports people have a tendency to say things are one of the GOATs, the Greatest Of All Time, a little too often. As a result, there's a bit of a "boy who cried 'wolf'" problem when something truly cool actually happens. So, let me, as not-sportsy as they come, assure you that Odell Beckham's one-handed, backwards-diving, gecko-fingered touchdown catch last night in the New York Giants' game against the Dallas Cowboys (the Giants lost 31-28, but Beckham still won the evening) was, indeed, one of the most impressive feats of pure athleticism to come out of pro sports in a while. There's loving pro sports, and then there's saying "hey, look what this cool human did." This is the latter.

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