In a thrilling sports moment at the highest level of basketball, two contestants raced each other in hamster balls. This is a critical moment in any basketball game, and oftentimes the most exciting.

But this hamster ball race—like all hamster ball races—was not without its twists, its turns, its heartbreak, its drama. An adult, already demeaning himself by running around in a giant hamster ball for a crowd of screaming fans, smashed into a child to gain an advantage. The kid goes down, but it's not so easy.


Revenge is a dish best served mascot. For the record, his name is Jazz Bear. Apparently, his victim was really shaken.

Some will say this is too good to be true, like almost anything that happens during the commercial break at a basketball game. Others will just enjoy the high drama and not think about it too much.

Which type of person do you want to be?