On Saturday, 23-year-old Scottish runner Laura Muir broke a 32-year-old European Indoor Championships record in the 1,500-meter race. Understandably, she was excited. But as shown in a video that's going viral all across the internet, one race official was determined to keep her from celebrating the way she wanted to.

Afterward, a jubilant Muir said:

I had to fight for that didn’t I? They said: "We don’t have time." I thought, "It’s my first medal. I’m not going to lose out on my lap of honour. I’m going." Andy, my coach, was saying: "Do it," so I got there in the end. I couldn’t really believe what she was saying. But I thought, "At the end of the day, she won’t be able to catch me."


And she was right. With a spectacular fake-out, Muir was able to ditch the narc and take the victory lap she deserved.

As this inspiring clip has gone viral, it's added to Muir's legend. This young veterinary student isn't just a rising star in the world of running—she's also the internet's newest hero.

Here's Muir's full race from Saturday: