On Thursday evening, Michael Phelps added a record fourth consecutive title in the 200m individual medley, and also bested a record that had stood for 2,168 years. He also owns the record for most medals (26) and most golds (22) in Olympics history. So Phelps reign as an Olympic beast in the water carries on.

His 13th individual title eclipsed the 12 titles held by Leonidas of Rhodes, who won three foot races—the diaulos, stadion and hoplitodromos—in four consecutive festivals between 164 B.C. and 152 B.C. Those races required athletes to wear heavy battle gear, possibly including a helmet, a breastplate, shin armor and a shield. While Phelps did not have to swim in armor, his game face in Rio makes it look like he's always ready to go to war.

Sources: ESPN