Team USA has been crushing it so far at the 2016 Rio Olympics. We've already dominated in swimming, shooting, and side eye, and it's only day four! Since the beginning of the Olympic Games, the US has brought in 2,701 medals (and counting). Believe it or not, however, no American team or athlete has ever won a medal in any of these five sports.

1. Rhythmic gymnastics

Our best hope is someone born in 1999.
Our best hope is someone born in 1999.

Rhythmic Gymnastics became a sport in 1984, and the US has never won one stinking medal. You'd think we'd be just as good as any other country with a colorful ribbon on a stick, but we're not. Not even close. Team USA gymnast Laura Zeng will have a chance of breaking the losing streak for Team USA when she competes in Rio on August 19th.

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