Halfway through the Super Bowl last night, the Falcons has such a strong lead over the Patriots that it felt like there was no way the Patriots could win. That's what Patriots fan and reddit user The-Sublimer-One, real name Nicoj Moore, thought when he posted to r/Patriots during halftime.

"If they can somehow pull three touchdowns in the fourth-quarter, I'll punch myself in the face."

Sometime after the game, Moore took off his glasses in what appears to be a janitor's closet, and fulfilled his end of the bargain.


As Moore points out, the Pats only got two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and got their third in overtime for the win. But it was such an exciting comeback that he seemed happy to punch himself in the face.

At the end of the video he says "GOAT," meaning "greatest of all time." Its unclear if he was referring to the all-time winningest quarterback Tom Brady or to his own greatest face punch.