The only difference is that this guy classed it up by putting on an airbrushed t-shirt.
(cartoon: Lalo Alcaraz, photo: Cleveland Frowns, composite: @a_girl_irl)

This cartoon by Lalo Alcaraz may be from 2002, but it's remained timeless because, sadly, the actual issues involved haven't changed much. Even Alcaraz, however, could never have predicted that one of his creations would have come to life so precisely. "I clicked the link and just about fell out of my chair," wrote the Mexican-American satirist after seeing the comparison pointed out on Twitter by @a_girl_irl. He said the cognitive dissonance got even stronger when he opened his old high-resolution version of the cartoon and could see just how well the posture and hand position of the fan, as well as the location of the Native American, matched up:

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