Surf fans worldwide tuned in on Sunday to watch Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson face off in the final round of the Jeffreys Bay Open in South Africa, when suddenly this happened:

You know what they say in sports: sometimes you win, sometimes you get nailed in the face by sharks. Surfing fans across the world breathed a huge sigh of relief today (presumably after letting out a scream of terror) when Jeffreys Bay Open finalist Mike Fanning was rescued by Water Safety Patrol after the harrowing attack you saw above. You can't see it, but Fanning also got a few shark-punches in. Nice. Patrol boats immediately rushed to the scene, scaring off the sharks and retrieving Fanning and his competitor, Julian Wilson. Unlike a rain delay in baseball, there was simply no way to reschedule the entire final round of the surfing competition. So, in one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship I've ever seen, Fanning and Wilson are simply sharing second place and the prize money. Here's a highlight reel of the day's surfing, as well as the amazing swift response of the patrol: