Loving your local sports team is as American as hating your local tax-squandering government. But what if I told you your sports team is probably bilking your city for all it's worth?

Statistically speaking, if you live in America, you live within driving distance of a major sports franchise. If you're a fan, driving to the stadium and taking in a game with your friends and family is probably a beloved annual tradition. Just like the beloved annual tradition of blasting your state and city governments for wasting your hard-earned tax dollars. Well, what if I told you that one reason your state and/or city is in debt is that it's still paying off a ton of loans it took out to build a stadium? A stadium it paid hundreds of millions of dollars for, yet from which it receives no income, because it was handed over to the billionaire owners of the team that plays there. What if I told you the taxpayers who paid to build the damn thing don't even get money from the naming rights? You know, the money that companies pay so that Philadelphians can never say, "I'm going to Eagles' stadium," but have to say, "I'm going to Lincoln Financial Field" instead. (Maybe that explains why Eagles fans are so, it goes deeper than that.)

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