"Place your hands in their locked and upright position!"

The guy recording this scene knew the announcement was coming soon. When his flight boarded in Neuquén, Argentina, the score of the World Cup semi-final game between Argentina and the Netherlands was tied at 0-0.  The match was going to be decided by penalty kicks while the passengers were thousands of feet in the air, which means the video could've easily wound up being called A Plane Full of the Saddest Argentinians Ever. Though, it's probably safe to say that if his team had lost, he might've decided against posting the video. Judging by his emotional response to the win, it's possible a loss would've driven him to destroy his phone all together.

Fortunately for him, both his team and his phone survived. When the pilot announces that Argentina has won and is headed to the World Cup finals against Germany, the entire plane goes nuts.

The only thing that could've made these passengers more excited is if the pilot also announced that he'd just ordered pizza for the entire plane.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: The Daily Dot