This man is about to OD on smug.

Ted Marsden and Nick Hurley, the two guys behind Worst Friends Comedy, want to raise awareness of just how unbearable virtually everyone sounds during World Cup season. As Americans, we have no good questions to ask each other about soccer. It's not like we can even talk about something as basic as how a player is performing compared to their regular-season play. During the regular season, we treat douchebags who watch Manchester United games on satellite TV like they're lepers who spread their disease through those scarfs.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with basically one thing to talk about during the Cup: "Did you also see the thing that I saw?" There are only four answers to this question in the real world: 1.) Yes, 2.) I read about it, 3.) Don't spoil it!, and 4.) This is America and you have 5 seconds to back away before I shoot. The answer is usually 1 or 2, even if they're lying.

These two did a pretty good job nailing everyone's banality while at the same time making an interesting video. As for the editing, I don't know whether they've actually seen the World Cup or not, but I'm pretty sure they've seen Tim and Eric.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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