Women gymnasts are the best f*cking athletes on the planet. "B-b-but what about the male gymnasts? Aren't they technically stronger?" I hear you moan. Pah! Men's gymnastics is a completely different sport where they don't even have the best event, the balance beam, and their floor routines are boring and don't have music. I bet the male-only parallel bars smell like crotch sweat and the female-only uneven bars smell like Victoria's Secret PINK perfume. I love the sass, teamwork, and insane variety of skill that goes into being an elite gymnast—and as a small, 5'0" woman, I love watching young ladies who are, in many cases, even shorter than me kick ass and flip over vaults like a superhero. Oh my God, I'm getting emotional; let me just present to you the women's gymnastics moments that made me freak out the most over the past week: