From one controversial female pop star to another... (photo: Getty Images)

If there's anyone Miley needs to hear from right now, it's Sinead. Actually, that goes for all of us. We all always need to hear from Sinead (except for when she goes on one of her manic "I love anal" tears on Twitter, but even then, I'll take it).

In response to Miley Cyrus's Rolling Stone interview, in which she cited Sinead O'Connor as the inspiration for her 'Wrecking Ball' video, Sinead published an outstanding, frank and much-needed letter to Miley, warning her against the assholes in the music industry who will do everything to take advantage of her talent. It's some motherly advice from a Pope-picture ripper to a wrecking-ball licker, and it's as direct and unyielding as her music. (Side-note! Some apologies to Sinead are long overdue. She was publicly fucking with the Vatican way before we all found out what kind of shit they were into, and all we did was tsk-tsk her for not being a respectful little good girl!)