Stephen Colbert delivered the 2015 graduation speech for Wake Forest University, and it was wonderful.

Seated behind Colbert were members of the faculty and the faculty's mustaches.
(via CBSN on YouTube)

Stephen Colbert built a career on swaddling depressing truths in funny jokes, which makes him the perfect person to remind college graduates that they're now TOTALLY ALONE IN THE WORLD (or, at the very least, that they're now totally alone in paying their bills). On Monday, Colbert did just that at the commencement ceremony for Wake Forest University. He began speech with several jokes about college in general...

Of course, we mustn't forget the parents, who, to get you students to this day, have sacrificed so many things, primarily money. I'm sure there are other things they've sacrificed, but I'm gonna guess that money's the one they bring up most often.
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