Like being raided isn't bad enough, now everyone knows you need a reminder for getting blazed.

There's not a lot of info about the raid or the fate of this poor stoner who never got to fulfill his to-do list. The Murdoch, Australia police force found this paper when they entered a home near Perth, searching for evidence related to a burglary. They tweeted this pic out and, honestly, it's pretty ambitious for a Saturday that so heavily involves getting baked. It reads:

Things to do Saturday:
1. Get up get ready
2. Get bus fare
3. Go to bus stop
4. Get 513 to _____
5. Go get lunch (chips and gravy)
6. Go KMart and shopp
7. Go bus stop
8. Go_____and dye hair
9. Go home and get a stick
10. Chop up and get stoned
Sources: Murdoch Police | h/t BuzzFeed