Police tweet hilarious stoner "to-do list" they found during a raid.

Police tweet hilarious stoner "to-do list" they found during a raid.

Like being raided isn't bad enough, now everyone knows you need a reminder for getting blazed.

There's not a lot of info about the raid or the fate of this poor stoner who never got to fulfill his to-do list. The Murdoch, Australia police force found this paper when they entered a home near Perth, searching for evidence related to a burglary. They tweeted this pic out and, honestly, it's pretty ambitious for a Saturday that so heavily involves getting baked. It reads:

Things to do Saturday:
1. Get up get ready
2. Get bus fare
3. Go to bus stop
4. Get 513 to _____
5. Go get lunch (chips and gravy)
6. Go KMart and shopp
7. Go bus stop
8. Go_____and dye hair
9. Go home and get a stick
10. Chop up and get stoned

Pretty rude of the cops! What happens on our to-do lists should stay on our to-do lists. I think we've all written reminders for ourselves we wouldn't want people to know about. Who hasn't needed that extra directive to "get up get ready?"

"A stick" is slang in Australia for a small amount of marijuana wrapped up in aluminum. It might be slang for that in the U.S. too, I'm not that hip. Well, hopefully this guy's out on bail now and relaxing. We can all guess how.